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Work, rest, play…repeat

My husband has a screen saver on his iPod that implies that you have to decide what it is that you want. Write it down and make a plan, and then work on it every single day. I am reminded that in order for this to work we must still find our balance. To have room for work, rest and play. 

We have decided to make the front of our house a u-pick organic vegetable garden. I know the reality of that is going to be a few years down the road, but I do see it happening. We had an acre of grass. Now we still have about an acre of grass, that we let grow very long, to cut it down to use as mulch to kill some more of the grass. It is a process but it is starting to take shape. I am certain that over the years we will have the gardens that we envision. I do see the progress of our efforts though. We have a yard full of animals and we are already harvesting, lettuce, radishes and Swiss chard from our garden. I already have seen the savings on our grocery bill.


Through it all, we still must remember to find our balance. There is endless chores to do on our micro farm. We could work sun up to sun down and then still worry about what is still left to do. I do know that my outside chores became suddenly way more important than the inside chores. My children now have to search for the clean clothes from a pile rather than retrieve them neatly folded from their dressers.  We have learned over the years that -that is ok, as long as we have time for work, rest and play.



Take farming and vegetable growing outside…

My son is one of those who partakes in the online game. He would make excuses to get out of chores so he could sneak in to check his clan. We soon caught onto this and I have made it my mission to limit his time in the video world. I have to admit that I can sometimes spend hours poking around so I try to at least do something productive while I am online. I used to play the games where you build virtual gardens and then I thought to myself what a real garden I could have if I spent the same amount of time looking after real animals and real vegetables.

Our micro farm is the result. Every day we get up and work on our farm. Every day we produce vegetables and meat. It really is a great concept. Everyday my children are forced to be outside to help. I have very healthy, happy kids and by next winter I will have a freezer fully of rabbits, turkeys, ducks and vegetables. This is so much more productive than farming online.