My name is Christina and I live in rural Ontaio. I have lived in the country as a young child and left once I was old enough to leave. I was summoned back to a quieter lifestyle once I had children. My husband and I have a blended family consisting of a range of children from 10 -22. We have had many ups and a lot of downs. We continue to struggle daily with our blended bunch but have learned through the years to pick our battles. It has become a common term in our house and usually the one who declares the battle is the one who wins the battle.

We live on a rabbit and chicken farm and are challenged to turn our acre of grass into sustainable land. I started this blog to document how we do things. We make mistakes but we try to learn from them. So far we have learned that our rabbits are worth their weight in gold when it comes to compost  and manure.

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