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Yard to Yardin


I cannot believe the soil conversion that is happening in my yard with the help of my animals. We earlier in the Spring, made pens for the rabbits, turkeys, ducks and chickens where we wanted our future gardens to be. This garden was our first one and only had baby bunnies living in it for about a month and a half. There were about fifty of them and most of them we sold or ate over the summer. We planted our tomatoe and bean patch in late May and it is doing phenomenal. My husband was turning soil over in our turkey pen and it is crazy the soil that has formed near the watering station. The earthworms are the size of little snakes and the ground is a deep, dark topsoil. I have been gardening for years, with compost, imageimageimageimage

So little time to blog..when there is so much to do…

imageIt is funny that I started my blog at the very moment that I

decided to increase the animals on the farm. Little did I know how much time they would occupy. It is not the time that it takes to care for them..but the time that I enjoy them. The small moments like the one captured by the pumpkins. Such beautiful happy ducks. I find that I cannot wait to finish supper so that I can rush out and watch them take their bath in the pool before they look to me to put them back in the pen for the night. How smart they were when the night that the coyotes were howling that they broke into my tomatoe patch to hide. I am going to miss the ducks and the turkeys. There time on this earth was well spent. They got to eat, relax, play and rest.

They like many of our animals are meant to be raised for food. We had to really work through the process. We had to come to terms with the reality that they all would face at the end of the summer. We made their time here though as happy and comfortable as we could. We had a big butcher day last Sunday. I am not really sure why we chose Sunday..but we did. Each Sunday marked off in our calendar as a day we process our meat. I am not sure why it has made the process easier but it has. We have a plan and we are sticking with it. Following through on the decisions to raise our own food, process our own food and enjoy the bounty of of journey. 

I really wish I had been able to capture more moments on film and video. This journey that we are on is enlightening. One we never consciously chose when we picked our home out. (Otherwise I am sure a barn would have been on the list of must haves.) Our journey with the ducks is coming to an up…image