2:00 minute Fresh Herbs..ready for winter storage.

imageI was a herbalist in a past life. I am not sure exactly why I think that, but I do know I have always been lured to herbs mystical qualities. As a little child I would take a plastic pail with the shovel still attached and walk around for hour collecting little pieces of leaf. I remember it had to be a certain kind. I have no recollection of what it was that I w collecting but it remained my passion to this day. I have every book available for identifying plants. I have been seed collecting since I grew my first plant.  I only learned in the last year that you can dry your collected goodies in the microwave, I used to bundle them all together and hang them to dry. I have to ad it they would get dusty before I got around to storing it. Even then the stalks were a pain to pick out. I learned this technique from an educator and I have it a try the other day. I could not believe how easy it was and how little stalk was left in the mix.image


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