Meat doesn’t come from cellophane packages…


I find it quite funny, that I have become such a meat snob. I can honestly say that I have only purchased chicken a few times since I watched Food Inc on Netflix. Even then it was begrudgingly. Yesterday as I went to work I informed my 11 year old daughter that she was going to help with the culling today. She said that she knew that this day was coming and was prepared for it. I was impressed at her maturity. I explained to her that John needed her help so that the ducks suffered little to none, It was our responsibility to make sure this is done properly. I have been telling her for the last year when we were very much vegetarians because I could not participate in inhumane raising of livestock. We ate very little meat in the last few years.

It was a lesson she approached with strength and maturity. It will be her generation that relearn a that meat doesn’t come from cellophane packages. Upon reflection of the day, she was very proud of her accomplishment. She helped to ensure that the animals were treated respectfully and lovingly . I am very proud of my children and their leap into this journey with us. I just wish I could convince my sister who lives in ignorant bliss about the protein she ingests. image


2 thoughts on “Meat doesn’t come from cellophane packages…

  1. Looks like she’s enjoying it! The meat industry is so dodgy, that’s one of the reasons I went vegetarian. Some animals never even get to see daylight 😦

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