Critter Comforts – 56 days and counting…

On the very last day of school my “farm boy” son was taken to the skatepark. We had a skateboard. They had been to the skatepark before. They were a lot younger then and since we moved to the county, there are many more exciting things to do. Like ride his four wheel bike and bicycle.

Pre-teen fearlessness was not his friend as he stood on the top of the skate ramp. The skate board slipped out from under his feet and down he went. Unfortunately my son now has to spend the summer on crutches. I have lost my farmhand for the summer. It pains me to have my young son in such pain and agony as he gets used to his new reality for the summer. We have found that the animals who have comforted us so much over the years are still providing the comfort where desired. The first night home we allowed the dogs to come up and sleep in the living room. They obligingly lay at his side to keep him company. We are grateful to every single one of our animals. More so as each day passes.





2 thoughts on “Critter Comforts – 56 days and counting…

  1. On the second to last day of school at the end of sixth grade, my son got a concussion. It was a rough summer because he couldn’t do much of anything, including swimming or riding his bike or for the first week even be on the computer or watch DVDs and he couldn’t focus enough to read for a couple months. I hope your kiddo has an easier summer, but it’s going to be a tough one for both of you. Hang in there!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. He his managing a bit but getting bored. We bring the critters in to keep him company. Hopefully after this week he can come back outside with us. He is very surprised how big the turkeys are getting.

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